Our New Life

By JandH

Lockdown Day 24 - The Sunday

J and I woke early, watched a little live safari then went outside with our coffee. I've been enjoying the safaris so while we were sat outside I put the stream on my phone.

All of a sudden J sat dead still staring at the back gate then jumped up running towards it, so I called out "what what" and get told to fetch the camera.... So in a panic to turn off the noise on my phone (because everyone was still asleep in bed) I run through the kitchen towards the bedrooms and bam! I ran straight into the door! J seemed to find this hilarious when I told her.

After my dance with the door, I made it safely outside with the camera and joined J at the back gate only to find 3 beautiful Waterbuck. An adult female and two young males, this is one of them. The land at the back of us is private owned and it's been left wild, with a dam.

The rest of the day we relaxed and I did a little more studying, then this evening we had dinner and watched a few programs.

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