Our New Life

By JandH

Lockdown Day 25 - The Blur Day

Today is called the Blur day because it felt like it flew past. As usual we woke early and watched, yup you guessed it, another live safari.

J and I had a walked in the garden this morning with Toby, our fur baby in tow. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. It's also very peaceful in the mornings when the sun is coming up and everyone is still in bed. We did a short lap of the back of the garden then went inside to start our day.

Another reason it's a blur day is because for me it felt like I didn't see anything but the inside of my books. I spent all day studying and writing.

J and I decided to have a glass of wine this evening and make a nice fire outside, another peaceful time. Fire going, crickets chirping their tune and the night sky filled with stars, absolute bliss.

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