By soozaday

Today’s Adventure

I could see these iris from the kitchen window, and it was driving me crazy to be so far away. I’d been keeping an eye on them for awhile and they were just ready to pop open when I hurt my foot. And now it looked like I was going to miss them because I can’t walk very far. No way! These came from my aunt back East. She’s long gone now, but I named the flowers after her: Ciocia Jeanne iris. (Ciocia is Polish for Auntie). They are the only ones I have that bear such small blossoms, several to a stem, and they are so reliable and prolific. So I got myself outside, one shuffle at a time, using hiking poles. The yard is just bursting with color everywhere, and it was worth every step to be able to sit out there for awhile. I even brought my knitting. Our group is working on an afghan for one of us who’s going through chemo, so I’m working on my squares. I have a video visit with the doc tomorrow morning; I’m not sure how he’s going to tell if anything’s broken, but it’s somewhere to start.

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