By soozaday

Checking Out the View

We are staying in the LA hills, visiting family for a few days. Our AirB&B is high up over the city, reached by seemingly miles of winding narrow road. I can never reconcile the concept of “city” with these sprawling wild canyons. Sweet jasmine scents our walk, trees bend with ripening loquats, hummingbirds, crows and hawks entertain us. There is, of course, no where you can walk to, if you mean a restaurant or a cup of coffee, because you need a car for everything here, and “neighborhood” is defined as something within a 20 minute drive. But if you are talking about the larger world, then views like this will suffice. We can’t quite figure out the name of the snow mountain in the center, but it may be in the direction of Big Bear or the Mt Wilson Observatory. Using the setting sun at our backs, I figure East/Northeast from where we’re standing. In the other direction we can just make out the clogged freeways, the tops of some downtown buildings, and maybe the ocean, though that might be wishful thinking.

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