Neighborhood Stroll

The day just slips through our fingers. We walked in our hilly neighborhood early this morning, so long ago that it seems another trip entirely. It’s fun to try out our very limited LA geography as we explore one view after another, looking for landmarks. The promised heatwave did a 180 and it’s much colder than we planned for, cloudy, breezy, and even threatening rain. The takeaway from this visit is always bring long sleeves, a warm hat and a jacket. We had a very late breakfast with family, partially because we got lost on the way to the house. Then another walk, a few errands, lunch, and a little rest before we head out across town to the gallery opening of our daughter-in-law’s show. There are flowers everywhere, in colors that must be brutal on a bright sunny day—bougainvillea, roses, iris, geraniums, and extraordinary pink trees that drop their fluted blossoms all over the sidewalk (extra). I found a flyer advertising an Easter egg hunt—20,000 eggs were to be dropped by helicopter in a nearby park. Is this an LA thing? Unfortunately we missed it. Places to go, people to see.

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