Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Don't forget.. wash your hands. Even the hoverflies are doing it while visiting the forget-me-nots.

Another bright, warm day in lockdown. The garden is growing visibly day by day. I potted on my tomato seedlings, I planted a Darcy Bussell rosebush that C was given when she finished work at the hospice, we made a magnificent sourdough pizza, and I baked a honey and spelt loaf.

On Gus's evening walk over the big scrubby pasture, I saw first a beautiful male wheatear, a bird I was beginning to think I wouldn't see at all this year with access to higher elevations restricted from here.  It's only the second time I've seen one in the pasture, it's too heavily used for a pair to be successful, perhaps he had just made landfall for a feed before moving to a higher place. Then on the way back, I saw a flicky bird in the hawthorns, it was a female redstart, another bird I had no expectation of seeing on our circumscribed walking routes.  I did get blurry photos of both, but they weren't easily approached and I didn't have Big Len with me. So the hand washing hoverfly it is.

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