By JohnW


What the heck is “bokeh” I thought, so I Googled it and discovered that I’d been doing bokeh for years, usually referring to it as “great DoF”.
So we live and learn, but to find a subject for Mono Monday - not everything lends itself to mono.  This is my umpteenth choice of subject and my ‘umpteenth squared’ shot.  I hope it fits the bill.
Today I had my first electronic consultation with my doctors.  They have just installed ‘AskMyGp’ and I think I am one of their first guinea pigs.  The nurse was well surprised and chuffed with the photos.  I have included one at extra.  I think she has put her finger on the problem - or was it mine . . . ??
Many thanks to Trish for hosting MonoMonday this month, with such imaginative subjects.

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