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New Holland TC21

My garden workhorse with mulching deck on the back and four in one bucket on the front. At only 21 HP this has mowed most of our lawns and helped with nearly every garden task I’ve needed to do over the last 17 years. The forthcoming robot won’t replace it by any means (except for mowing) but it will remove some of the hours and hours of me bouncing around on it as I try to keep the illusion of a well maintained garden.

In other news...

Work occupied the first few hours of the morning and then I walked over to our near neighbour for our now weekly dozen egg collection. The tractor emerged for the first mow of the largest expanse of lawn and I took the girls on it in turn as I did so which they loved. A variety of work related calls interspersed the slicing and dicing of grass and eventually I returned to the house to cook dinner.

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