The theme for Mono Monday was "blurred" 
Thank you Trisharooni for hosting!

Since weeks I've problems with one of my knees. The last days it has improved and I could walk almost without pain again.
Today I was on my morning walk with Omo and T. , when I bumped in one of the dogs, who are on Omo's black list. They were friends in their youth but after the puberty the friendship was gone. So Luke  was very aggressive and Omo jumped with 50 kg in the leash. I could prevent serious quarrel, but I twisted my knie again. Bummer, that's not funny.
I was barely able to walk, let alone compensate for T.'s imbalance.
I hope the pain gone quickly again, it's so tiring...
Again it's too late for commenting... sleep well blipland...zzzz :-)

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