Gi's a Kiss!

Another lovely day here in South Devon. I decided to get out in the garden and clear the duck weed off the small pond. The first scoop with the sieve got me a load of weed, a few leaves and a newt. I put him back. As I cleared the weed and submerged leaves I must have scored at least a dozen newts. I don't think it was the same one all the time because there were a couple of different sizes but I think they were enjoying a trip out. After a lot of scooping, the pond's looking a lot better and there are also at least two frogs because I saw two peering out at the same time.

The one I photographed was very compliant, he stayed there for quite a while and I took several photos with my phone. I did wonder if he'd wait for me to get a proper camera but after I stealthily rolled away he submerged, so I think he might have been staying there just to commune with me.

I've left the pile of debris beside the pond so if I've missed any invertebrates, the can get back in when they're ready.

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