Calton New Cemetery

My lockdown morning walks are taking me all over the city to places previously unexplored. Today I visited Calton New Cemetery. Here I enjoyed looking at the derelict graves, tombs, vaults and crypts. The most famous people interred there are members of the lighthouse Stevenson family, including RL's father, grandfather, and uncle.

Another significant stop along my route today was a wall on Ridgeback13's street from where I made a wee collection - a wonderful lump of homemade rocky road. The means by which Ridgeback13 left it out for me and I picked it up felt a little like a drug deal!

I spent the rest of the day working through revisions to the paper that Peter uploaded on 29th January for September's conference in South Africa. It's not due for submission until the end of the month, so we'll easily make that deadline. I hope to finish my bit tomorrow.

It's great that the conference will still take place, but the sad thing is that it will be delivered virtually. This is such a shame because Peter was really looking forward to presenting our paper in person in South Africa (assuming that the revised manuscript passes muster, of course).

Exercise today: walking (16,241 steps).

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