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...with me

like a mighty warrior

i love seeing scripture come - alive for us in nature - it’s as though abba - is speaking directly to us - making a conversation with - him very personal - and in these tumultuous times - in our world that’s especially - important because it will not - only bring us peace - but a sense of calm and - reassurance as he continues to - be with us every day

when i saw these - 2 tulips leaning against - each other - pressing in - i was reminded of this verse

“but the lord is with me like a mighty warrior; so my persecutors will stumble and not prevail.” jeremiah 20:11a (niv)

literally speaking today - the coronavirus is our persecutor - and will not prevail - this verse swoops in - bringing with it hope - which is desperately needed - and abba is standing by to - freely give it- to us as a mighty warrior - hang on to that hope people - and proclaim it...


happy day.....

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