By trisharooni


I'd like to thank everyone who entered this week's MonoMonday. I think a lot of you found it difficult. I certainly did. 
It's easy enough to blur part, or all of an image, but to do it in a way that enhances it, is quite a different matter.

There were certainly enough standouts to make the five choices difficult.
So, in no particular order:






Details of next Monday below. It will require a bit of thought, and maybe some practice, but I hope you don't find it too daunting.

April 27   Faceless Self Portrait    MM327
If you need more inspiration, flickr provides thousands of images to illustrate.
Just type your subject into the search field.

Confirmed Cases    6660
Deaths                          76

Australia records lowest number of COVID-19 cases in 24-hour period since early March, US death toll passes 46,000, Australia's death toll stands at 76.

7 200 people were tested today and only 7 were positive.

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