Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Buzzy visitor's favourite

After a not so promising start, the day turned out to be rather nice. Nice enough for favourite cousin to join me for a sit-in-the-front coffee break after dropping off my shopping.

Time passed (with favourite cousin occasionally allowing me to get a word in), she waved good bye and I sat back enjoying more afternoon rays. Perhaps the bumble bee that turned up isn't the same one that's stopped by before, but it sure knew which of the flowering plants it preferred. Whatever this is, it was included to provide ground cover and to soften the edges of the planting beds. My buzzy visitor made several bee-lines, methodically visiting flower after little flower, leaning over acrobatically and sucking up what may or not have been nectar. It's great to see wild life getting enjoyment out of my planting.

The extra is a different plant (I do so wish I knew what they're all called, but most of the name tags have faded illegibly as time's gone by).

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