Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

I went out for a little bit today. Saw that the bush was in bloom and a bumble bee was checking out the flowers. Fresh leaves in sunlight, who can resist that?
I'm getting really bored with Covid now. Feels like I'm never going to get well and free from it, but of course I will. Just not right now. Fingers crossed I'll be back to work on Monday.
I got the sweetest message from a coworker, the other day. She wrote about the Geraniums, she'd replanted them in larger pots. I'm happy she did it, she's really good with that. She also wrote that she hoped I'll be well soon, because they need more Anna in the greenhouse. Really sweet I thought. :)

I've been doing a lot of drawing and measuring and planning and counting the last couple of days. At last my plans for my patio is coming together. It will be rather interesting to transport large pieces of wood on the bus, though! I need to bring home 1,60 meters long pieces that are rather heavy together. :D And, I'm going to take many trips to the building store until I have all the materials that I need. It'll be fun though! I'm starting with a frame for the greenhouse I have. Mine is made of plastic and light metal, and the construction is not wind proof... So, I'm building a frame in wood, to make it more secure. In that way I can place it on the short side of my patio, giving the plants more sunlight and me more space left. First I need to get rid of Covid, though...

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