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That's Magnificent!

Today, we were visited by P1/2 from St Patrick's PS in Glasgow.

A really enthusiastic group of youngsters who explored every corner of the exhibition to discover and decide upon their favourite scul?tures.

Choices went right across the range on display... from the giant - and very shiny - dolphin, to the Straw Locomotive and the Running Clock (which they had been drawing in school before they came), to new pieces they tried out today... the tickle machine, the machine which applauds art.

For one wee boy it was the Tom Mix cowboy items. "That's magnificent!" he said as he looked up in awe at the gunbelt with soap instead of bullets. For a five-year-old quite a magnificent comment in itself!

Pupils from St Patrick's PS are going to be visiting a lot this week, four different classes making the trip.

They're also making a video, explaing what they think of the scul?tures and the exhibition, so a lot of thinking going on.

Today's photo shows some of the P1/2 pupils writing and drawing their responses in the Big Visitor Book, some talking about what they might write, and others waiting their turn, quietly thinking about it all.

The Big Visitor Book is an amazing record of visitor reactions, from Alex Salmond to Liz Lochhead to Michael Russell to children at nursery, and it now includes the ideas of P1/2 St Patrick's PS.

They had lots to add. Great drawings. Great ideas. And an incredible amount of enthusiasm!

Well done P1/2 St Patrick's PS!

Thanks for visiting!

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