On the road...

By johnsmiley1321

I'm becoming a human alarm clock....

For the last 3 days I have woken my boss up over issues I had at work. Today when I went to get my paperwork there was none that had then name and address that I was given yesterday. It turns out that the company on the Bill of lading with a different address bought the load but was having another warehouse unload and store it.  This afternoon I let my boss know that hopefully she will be able to sleep in tomorrow... 

Tomorrow I get to:
Blindside through a transit center
Run over the Petunias
Merge on the freeway at 10 while the Canadians are doing 97

Not as fun when I explain but... 
At the first place I have to wait for the buses to clear before pulling in, and then backing up hill around a corner and..
At the second place, the first time they sent me there I was supposed to have a 40 foot trailer. I had a 53. I avoided the power lines, pedestrians and light pole but as I was struggling to miss the flowers, in my mirror I saw a guy with his arms flailing - normally that means I hit something already ran over something or.. but this time, I was given permission to run over the flowers as he realized that was the only way I was going to make the corner.
As for the third place, the on ramp to the freeway is a downhill right corner with a very short on ramp. The suggested speed is 20 mph for cars. I took it at 15 before and I rocked the trailer. Oh and I was talking about 10 mph for me and 97 km/h for Canadians as they go by km/h (60 mph the speed limit).

After all of this I will likely sleep in the truck. At least I know I'll be entertained tomorrow   ;-)   

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