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Delicate swag

. . .  on a long, tall, stalk.  These belong to the million plant.  You can see its distinctive leaves uplifted at the bottom of the stalk.   My plant is looking rather ratting, so I wonder what this blooming portends?

Morning newspaper headline  :  'IT'S A NIGHTMARE'
A 95-year old Maui woman's family is upset after she contracts COVID-19 while in the hospital.    The woman was admitted to Maui Memorial on Feb 29 for an infection and, six weeks later (April 10) tested positive for the coronavirus, and is now suffering from viral pneumonia, a complication of COVID-19.  

And  :  Caldwell explains 30-day extension to order
At least some in the local restaurant and retail industries were uneasy with the Mayor's announcement Tuesday that he will extend his stay-at-home, work-from-home order by an entire month thru May 31.
But Caldwell stressed that the monthlong extension will be just for the broader stay-at-home order, and that it's very likely the rules will be relaxed within that period to allow activities to be open sooner if it's deemed safe to reopen.
The Mayor's original stay-at-home order was issued on March 22, and set to expire at the end of April.  The original order has been amended six times.  Several of the changes involved easing restrictions to allow for certain activities to reopen, including sit-down dining in medical facilities, online car sales for essential workers, and fabric stores to sell material for masks.   He is reopening city parks for exercise starting Saturday.
However, it has been pointed out that the city and the state need to be working together to implement re-opening measures.

And  :  Struggling for survival in Chinatown
Chinatown merchants estimate that more than half of their fellow businesses have yet to reopen since the end of March.  And many are boarded up with fresh sheets of plywood.
In response to fears that the chances are greater of contracting COVID-19 in Chinatown, Mary Gibson, owner of a market on Hotel Street, said:
"Just because we're Chinatown, we're not China.  Shoppers shouldn't be concerned as long as they wear a mask" and do social distancing.
Because a majority of shoppers are staying away, Chinatown's homeless stand out even more.

And  :  State called well-positioned to ease restrictions
Policymakers are considering the first steps to carefully begin to reopen the state.  The criteria for reopening include a good testing and surveillance program, a well-developed contact-tracing system, and designated places where people can be quarantined when new cases appear.   Also needed are adequate personal protective equipment and a health care system with enough capacity to respond to any surge in cases.

Stay well, stay inside, and take care, everyone.

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