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A cloud of crackers

Best part?   I have a whole 'nother bag!

Morning newspaper headline :  UNEMPLOYED STRUGGLING
Angst rises as an archaic state system prevents timely payments using federal pandemic unemployment assistance (PUA) to self-employed individuals.   The federal funds approved as part of the CARES Act, offers support for self-employed, independent contractors, gig economy workers, and freelancers and a few others.  
State DLIR Director originally told Hawaii residents to apply for PUA through the state unemployment insurance website, but on Wed advised those filing to wait until DLIR and the state Department of Taxation develop a new system.      what?  when?  good luck!

And :  Lt. Gov. Green sums it up with 3 letters
Lee Cataluna's column sums up the beach dilemma very well.  Don't know if this attachment will work, but it's worth wading thru the ads to read. 

And,  :  Tua to Miami
Tua Tagovailoa was chosen by The Miami Dolphins as the fifth overall pick in the NFL Draft on Thursday, despite his long injury history.

And, :  Over 3,500 tourist have arrived since quarantine began
In the 28 days since the quarantine began, visitors by air have averaged about 127 a day.    Essential travelers, especially health care workers and first responders, are among the visitors who are arriving.   They are exempt for the quarantine.  Visitors who are in quarantine are not allowed to leave their lodging even for food or groceries, which they must arrange to have delivered.   Some violators have been doing grocery shopping on the way to their lodging.

And, :  Supreme Court rebuffs Maui County in pollution case
Maui's multi-million-dollar appeal to the US Supreme Court ended Thursday with a rejection of the county's argument that it doesn't need Clean Water Act compliance to inject treated sewage from its Lahaina sewer plant into groundwater that eventually winds up in the ocean.
In its 6-3 decision, the justices not only rebuffed Maui County, but rejected Trump administration and industry allies that sought to loosen water pollution requirements.
The court described as 'unreasonable' Maui County's agreement that sewage that winds up in the ocean is exempt from the Clean Water Act because it isn't directly dumped there.

Stay well, stay inside, and take care, everyone.

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