By USAHIhifriends

Pop top !

We were sitting at the table jointly re-visiting the morning paper crossword, when we both jumped and waited for the followup.  It was a distinct loud 'pop', but with no spraying results.  The hall closet is about 8-ft away and we investigated it first, moving around a few things.   It has our wines, our booze, and soft drinks, cans, etc, among other non-perishable things.  It was the likely place, but I dreaded pulling everything out, so we checked other likely places, but found nothing.    Got a flashlite, we smelled something - but it could just be unmoved oldness - and started to take out everything likely.  Finally the flashlight's glimmer showed some liquid on the floor, way in the back corner (of course).  I had bought this 6-pak 'cause I loved the graphics, and as I didn't drink it, it moved further and further back into the closet, still all nicely banded together.   That blue plastic carrying corral still in place was why there was no further spraying.  
Popped one into the frig for dinner tonite.    It's an unknown.

Morning newspaper headline  :  SECOND WAVE EXPECTED TO HIT
As Hawaii leaders continue to explore ways to reopen the economy, the state's top epidemiologist warned lawmakers Friday that a second wave of COVID-19 is likely on the horizon and the state had better be ready.
" We have to think about social distancing in earnest and as a normal part of our lives. "
The state Dept of Health announced 2 more deaths and five new cases, bringing the totals to 14 deaths and cases to 601.

And, :  Passenger quarantines aren't likely to end
It's going to be here for awhile, and state officials are discussing more invasive ways to keep tourists in check, such as ankle bracelets similar to those used to monitor criminal suspects, or GPS tracking. 

And, :  Saturday online edition to bolster robust report
The Saturday edition will be online only starting May9.   With the online print replica feature, you will be able to see the paper exactly as it would have been in print.   

And, :  'Honey Girl' found dead on Windward beach on Thursday
The cause of death was not apparent and a postmortem exam was not conducted due to COVID-19 restrictions.   For more than 20 years, this Hawaiian monk seal (R5AY) nicknamed 'Honey Girl', had delighted nature watchers on Oahu and Kauai, and had given birth to at least a dozen pups.   She was taken to Kualoa Ranch for burial. 

And, : Tropical disturbance brings early start to hurricane season
The tropical disturbance being tracked is about 750 miles south-southwest of the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula on Friday.   There is an 80% chance that it will develop into a tropical cyclone.  The good news is that there is no threat to land, only boating and shipping interests out there.

Stay well, stay inside, and take care, everyone.

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