David J. Rose

By djrose007

Get some practice in

As our West Midland/Gloucestershire RBL Riders annual darts and pool championship had to be cancelled this year, along with everything else, I thought I could get some practice in for next year.
I've never been good at darts but I have been very 'jammy'. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I was runner up last year by a fluke of putting a dart in between the two 1's when I was down to a score of 2 (double 1) in the semi-final. I did get beaten in the final against a very able competitor but we both got down to doubles, he pipped me to it though.
As for Pool, that's just embarrassing! My first match was against a lady who explained to me in great detail how bad she is at pool, and proceeded to thrash me! I had not mentioned to her how bad I was in case it gave her hope but she didn't need it, I lived up to my poor pool reputation.

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