By Bella888

Super Fit

I got to 9000 steps yesterday (450 lengths on the balcony). OK, I’m a teeny weeny bit older than this young super fit lady. But what a gal. She is out daily at the moment, spending well over 2 hours on her repertoire. The max. I can do is 15 minutes of steps at a time.

A little out of focus. Best I can achieve on the iPhone from my viewpoint.

Blitzed ginger and turmeric for my Golden Milk. Involved a fair amount of peeling, wearing latex gloves re staining. Now refrigerated (bathed in apple cyder vinegar. My first batch lasted well and saved a lot of daily grating.

Baked potatoes, baked beans, caramelised onion - now ready. Then back on the balcony. 5000 more steps to do.

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