This afternoon I picked F up and we drove to Stan's, the independent supermarket just outside Oswestry.  We'd phoned our order through and they brought it out to the car - all very efficient.

When we got back to F's house we split the food into his and mine. Most things were there but no flour unfortunately. We did get compost though and that was a real bonus.

We then went for a wander around Cae Glas Park near where F lives. It has been closed since the beginning of the crisis as people of all ages were congregating there. This week it reopened following the government's order so we went for a walk around.  There were hardly any people around so no trouble distancing and the flowers were looking beautiful (that's where I saw the love-lies-bleeding).

We met a delightful lady that we know from U3A. She's in her late 80s and her hobbies are socialising and chatting so must be finding the lockdown a real trial as she lives alone.

We had a good chat with her and she was very amused to have gone into the park and seen four policemen all together without social distancing and she asked them if they had plans to arrest her.  I can just imagine it - it's a wonder that she didn't tell them to move apart!

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