By Rosemarie55

Red Campion!

10°C   -  Feels like 8°C  -  6 mph SE Wind Speed  -  8 mph Gusts  -  Overcast.  Cold and overcast outside so it’s been a pottering about indoors day!  Sorted out some old CDs and found the one for my scanner, so got that working and scanned a few documents.  Had a walk round the garden to see how my Red Campion was coming along  -  brought a piece indoors for blipping.  Why stand shivering outdoors when you can do it in warm comfort indoors  -  that would be truly silly, I thought☺  The straight-out-of-the-camera shot looked a bit peely-wally when I got it onto the computer  (see my extra), so I went back and tried some lighting.  I dropped one of the lamps and broke the bulb☺   Then I couldn’t extract the bulb -  grrrrrr!!  How silly is that?    Luckily had another lamp and liked the shot and decided to use it for today’s blip!  So many silly happenings surely makes this blip a candidate for Silly Saturday  -  thank you admirer for hosting the challenge so encouragingly.

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