By Rosemarie55

Buff-tailed bumblebee (Bombus terrestris)

10°C  -  Feels like 8°C  -  8 mph ESE Wind Speed  -  8 mph Gusts  - 
Cloudy  -  some sunshine.  Shopped in Lidls.  There were more people than I had expected  -  probably thinking like me that Sunday morning was not a time favoured by other shoppers!  The shelves were stacked full of tinned soups of every description, but no Coconut Water much to my disappointment!  Stocked up with Choco Thins  -  won’t say how many packets  -  I’m not sure if they are supposed to be biscuits or sweets, but I eat them like sweetsâ˜ș  Later when wandering through the garden I spotted this HUGE Bumblebee  -  the biggest I have ever seen!  Not sure if it's a Queen or not!  He/she seemed to like the moss that has invaded my grass and stayed there long enough for a decent blip  -  in fact at one point he gave me an encouraging wave  -  see my extra!

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