This is far from an original subject, but as I have seen a few similar shots recently I thought I ought to have a go.

I don't have a macro lens - I just use extension tubes on one of my zoom lenses.  The trouble is that the focus adjustment available sometimes isn't enough to cover the whole depth of the subject.  This image was taken by zoom stacking rather than focus stacking, as it was only by adjusting the zoom setting that I could cover the required depth of field.

This macro photography is proving quite tricky - other people seem to be able to get far better results than me.

I quite liked the fact that some of the seeds had already flown so that I got a clear view of the centre.  However, it wasn't until I came to process the image that I spotted one seed had detached and become entangled in the other seeds, spoiling the symmetry of the design.

I may well have to try this again with another dandelion.

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