An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Lockdown Saturday night...

So this is what we do for entertainment now.  Virtual socialising.

Meet up online, pub quiz (we won! :-))) then a good old fashioned sing song!

Paul played a tune on his guitar as Jean sang The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen.  Unfortunately he wasn't playing the tune she was singing, but it didn't deter either of them.   Sam played a Killers song (not one I knew) and in another box Agnes fanned herself with a black hand held fan she's at the age of having power surges which looked on screen as though she was being attacked by a black crow!  Emily spent most of the night with an expression of complete confusion on her face (well to be fair, before lockdown she'd never spent a Saturday night socialising with her mum and dad, aunt and uncle, and Godparents!  No wonder she's confused :-))  I mainly laughed and laughed :-)

David, inspired by Paul and Sam, then did something he hasn't done in at a least 15 years...he got his guitar out and played!  Well after he tuned it.  

Unfortunately the only song he could remember the chords to was Streets of London.  Hahahahaha...a bit of a mood killer, but we all sang along and Agnes and I felt as though it was 1984 and we were back in the sixth year common room, where David and the other guys in our group of friends would play Eric Clapton, Simon and Garfunkel, Dire Straits and Beatles songs (to name a few) on their guitars, to entertain us doe-eyed girls :-))  

Hahahaha...just remembered I have a cassette tape somewhere with a recording of David and two pals playing and singing Wonderful Tonight.  Unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps ;-)) I don't have anything to play it on :D  

Then, almost three and a half hours after we started, it was time to call it a night so we signed off - you hang up, no YOU hang up! - after agreeing same time, same place next week. Can't wait! :D

And maybe David will have remembered how to play a few more songs by then :-))

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