An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Hidden portal to a secret garden?

Well yesterday's blip may have started off as a bit of a laugh, but by the end of the night I really was a mad cow!  

I had until 11.45pm to complete my Tesco order for delivery this morning.  It was 11.15pm and after spending ages completing the order, I was just about to update it when David asked me to add on a few items.  So, instead of pressing go to payment, I pressed continue shopping and added the items.  

Just at the moment I added the last item (soda water for those lunch time spritzers ;-)) the familiar Tesco page disappeared leaving a blank screen with just an error message displayed!!!  Yikes!!

After refreshing the page for 15 minutes a message come up apologising for the difficulty and saying the problem was due to high volume of usage.

Well to cut a long story short, the problem had still not rectified by 2am, at which point I gave up and went to bed!  David phoned first thing this morning to be told there was nothing they could do, so just before 10am, a very confused Tesco driver arrived with the three cartons of milk that I had put on the order last week to secure the delivery slot.

David explained what had happened and he smiled and said, "well the good news is there's no substitutions!"  Every cloud and all that!  

So, homemade rice pudding for tea for the rest of the weekend!  ;-)))

In other news, I have a Gin Get-together with Ele, Gail and Natalie in 20 minutes.  I am sure a major topic of conversation will be President Numpty's latest advice on tackling the corona virus.  Injecting disinfectant and a light inside. please excuse me whilst I find a vein for the Dettol and shine a torch down my throat.


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