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By Damnonii

Merry Christmas Take 2...

Another joyful day!

Although we’ve enjoyed some hilarious Zoom get togethers (the Kazoo karaoke being a particular high! :-))) we last saw our besties in person on 22nd August! Eight months ago!

All of us friends from childhood, that’s the longest we’ve ever gone without being in each other’s company. So more Christmas and birthday celebrations (more pics in extras one in which Adrian is raising his glass and wishing us a Happy New Year!! :-))

The table was set, afternoon tea was delivered and thoroughly enjoyed, even though the weather was a bit dull and cool (thankfully within an hour the clouds dispersed and there was blue skies and sunshine.)

David and Adrian headed off to play golf and Agnes and I retired to the Gin Palace for a mega catch up. OMG! We hardly drew breath for three hours! And in a weird coincidence (the kind that has punctuated our friendship over many years) we both had exciting news for each other. You go first Agnes said. We’re converting the garage into an art/photography studio for me I exclaimed excitedly, What’s your news? We’re converting our garage into a jewellery making studio for me! Hahahaha... great excitement on both our parts and even more to talk about!

D & A returned from golf. Despite not having played for over a year and only having a quick session at the range yesterday, Adrian played a blinder and beat David by one stroke. David (who’s played throughout lockdown and when not playing is at the driving range almost every day) was delighted for him ;-)))

Once they were settled and drinks poured (coke for the guys, prosecco for me and Agnes usual VERY sweet Rosé wine yuk we exchanged Christmas gifts. We couldn’t remember what we’d bought each other so it was a revelation to us all! :-) One of Agnes’s gifts brought a wee tear to my eye. Won’t say any more as I’ll blip it at some point.

In another, well timed event, our favourite Deli Cafe reopened this weekend for takeaway (cafe opening Monday :-)) so we ordered dinner from them. Proper Italian pizza. Delicious. Oh how we’ve missed them!

So two lovely reunions in one day! :-)))

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