Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


I went with the flow again today but unfortunately the flow was sluggish and I didn't do much.  The weather was dull, cloudy and chilly so it was a day spent indoors.  Watched some TV including a film set in Boston starring Mel Gibson.  Saw a few landmarks I was familiar with.  Made chicken and butterbean stew for my tea - one of my favourites.

Around 8.45pm I I took the top shot in my collage from my bedroom window.  Then at 9.10pm I noticed the colours had changed so I took the second shot.  Nice to get a lovely evening sky after such a non event of a day.

Musical link  SUNSET  - by Little Stevie Wonder ( recorded in 1962 when he was just 12 years old )

Neil was due to run in The London Marathon today but he is now looking forward to completing it on its rescheduled date of 4th October.  Lets hope it goes ahead but even in October that might not be possible as restrictions might still be in place. He managed to reach his 100 mile target this week.  Today he ran up to The Angel of The North - and back. A total of 9 miles. 

Steps today - 3,910

LOCKDOWN TOP 10 entry WAKE ME UP - when its all over - by Avicii


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