Lost in Thought

By steveng

Red Road Artist (MM327)

Out this afternoon for a walk before any rain arrives and Gill stopped to draw an old fence post for her art group April sketch book challenge.  I had one of the film cameras with me so this is a mobile phone image converted into mono via Lightroom and Silver Efex.  I did photograph the fence post so it should appear in my film journal soon. 

Our village history group is running an on-line show and tell session where we were going to bring in old objects and talk about them.  With the restrictions this is being done by writing a short essay and distributing that along with a couple of photographs.  I did one for my father's Kodak Retina and have had a good positive reaction - one of the other members has an even older Retina  so perhaps we can have a back to film night at the camera club :-)

Thanks to Trisharooni for hosting this month.

In the extra, sewing button holes in the scrubs Gill is making for the local hospital - the machine has to be programmed and then once the fabric is positioned it does the stitching automatically. 

There has been a degree of 'colourful language' from the sewing room as this last batch were from pre cut fabric, but not cut quite straight, so she has spent more time modifying the pieces than she would have cutting them out herself. 

On Sunday our son's girlfriend joined us on the family Zoom call - this is a major event as Stuart is not at all forthcoming about his social life.
She works in a hospital in Leeds but her single set of scrubs are far too big.  I don't think they make many size 6/8 marathon runner versions, so Gill's next set are for her - a tasteful blue colour, possibly with dinosaur decorative trim, as she works in the paediatric ward.

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