It may be Trisharooni’s - Mono Monday -challenge ‘FACELESS Self Portrait’. But the red glasses aren’t negotiable. Apologies.

The day’s disappeared. Boris came bouncing back with freshly washed hair. Not ready to relax lock-down (fine with that). Lunch, hair-wash for me too (curly locks today), Almost 6pm. Finishing the Sauvignon Blanc as I watch the government briefing. Then making risotto with the last of my home-made lemony pesto.

8pm video chat arranged with my ex boyfriend (history - Pre Mr B - when I was young and beautiful?????) and his lovely wife.

Chatted to my new neighbours (sublet) in the hall, 3mt socially distanced at least. . They are lovely. So pleased. Young professional Lithuanian couple with gorgeous tiny baby. They kindly asked if they could get us anything. We’re well covered currently, but good to know. Suggested they’ll stay for a year.

Off to make my risotto ....

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