Here and Now

By Mole


The exposed right arm lifting two five pound weights just couldn't be posted.  Women will understand why.  Sorry folks, but I didn't bother to dress up for you in this one today.  Just sending you all some peace.

So here it is Monday, with a challenge hosted by
Trisharooni.   Thank you T.

Thank you for the recent visits, comments, stars, and hearts.  I'm glad you liked my wildflower faff and I researched yesterday's snake to answer questions.  It was an Eastern Garter Snake, which can look very different depending on the area.  I read that many males may impregnate the same ovoviviparous female - meaning she gives birth to many live snakes - in a "breeding ball."  Ewww....We've never seen more than one in our yard at a time.  

Here's hoping you all enjoy something interesting, beautiful, or kind today.  X  Peace out!

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