By Stella2

Beach art

A warm greyish day.  I had an appointment slot at the local farm shop and headed there this morning.  I was very surprised to see 20 cars parked up close to the river.  Presumably a lot of people have decided to drive out for their daily exercise.  In the afternoon a friend had invited me to a zoom yoga class that her daughter was taking.  It was an interesting experience and was very well presented although the level was probably geared to those less mobile than me.

By late afternoon I decided to go out for my exercise walk and took a back path along the river to the sea front.  It was very warm and still and a  lovely time of day although a little busy.  The beach was very empty and after taking a few shots from Ottermouth I walked along to Steamer Steps.  A few people were congregating here - at a distance though and I soon realised why.  There was some magnificent pebble artwork on the beach below.  I took some shots of the beautifully balanced pebble towers from the beach and then a few of the complete scene from above.  It is a thank you to the NHS workers and I assume the other key workers as well. I forgot that my camera does panoramics and so have included several in extras.  I assume it was done by the pebble artist who use to decorate the beach a few years ago.  Lovely to see.

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