General Wolfe practising self isolation

So proud of myself - I got up early and went for a bike ride before work :)  It was definitely the best time to do it - very peaceful, and Greenwich Park was practically empty.  I carried on down to the river after this - yet more tape and barriers preventing anyone from hanging about to look at the view.  Fair enough - but I cycled a bit further along, towards North Greenwich, and found a lovely empty spot by the river, so I did stop for a few minutes.  

Video called my Mum again (as I'd promised I would when I made it to the river) - she didn't answer at first, and I wasn't surprised as I knew her carer would be there helping her get up - but then she called me back, which was a surprise (less so when she introduced me to her carer and said she had shown her how to do it!)

Back home (walked uphill through the park), and managed to start work by 9:30am.  Another busy day of almost non-stop trouble shooting with our new CRM - and I got tireder and tireder as the day went on.  Knackered now!  Still glad I made the effort to get out this morning though - will do that again when I've recovered from today's outing!

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