By lynnjones7186

A great sight

It may not seem much to you, but for us the sight of the mountain is a relief.  On Saturday night we had a massive storm.  It lasted for over an hour.  The electricity was off for most if it.  Luckily we had a torch handy, but it was hot, opening windows was not an option. In fact we had to use old towels to stop the rain leaking in through the window frames.   Sunday was still warm with some heavy rain. We were still able to sit out for an hour.  The rain has cleared the air, the mountain is visible and pollution levels have dropped to less than 50.  If it wasn't for the virus we would be able to abandon our face masks.   

There are still no reported new cases in ChiangMai.  Thailand overall has only recorded 9 new cases.  7 were in the South and 2 from people returning from America.  Some businesses are going to be allowed to open later on this week, including hairdressers and department stores, with restrictions and social distancing.  Things are definitely looking up.

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