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By Sallymair

My new toy!

I was delighted if surprised to see the sun this morning, it wasn't what I 'd been led to expect by the forecast. The day ended up being a little cooler but sunny till tea time.

I put a plea on our local fb forum for some runner bean seeds and got an almost immediate response. I went and picked them up from outside the door where they had been left for me... they were rather past their use by date, around 2 years but hopefully will germinate. I'm delighted to have them.

Next job was to edge around the rosebed in the front garden. Our half moon edger seems to have gone awol so I used the spade, not as neat but did the job. I then went round with my hand fork and secateurs tidying up the rough edges I'd left.

Ali popped round to drop off her washing and just as she was leaving, my coldframe from Aldi was delivered. Really speedy delivery I think I only ordered it on Friday. Colin gave me a hand and we put it together so it is now safely installed - and well stocked - in the back garden. I'm very pleased with it, opening a lid daily is going to be much simpler than covering and uncovering all those pots. It will be much easier to harden off the sweet peas too in a couple of weeks. I also pinched out the tops of one lot of seedlings today.

Cooking next, I put together a sausage casserole and a bolognaise sauce. We fancy a lasagne and I always prefer the sauce to be 24 hours old before eating it.

Thank you for dropping by my journal and for your stars for my little Cat in the Hat yesterday. She is a pretty wee thing, but I always say she has sharp edges!!!

Keep well everybody, I can't believe it's almost May already. I haven't really relocated since leaving in February, everything became different so quickly after my return on 6th March.

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