Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Landscape with clouds and trees

It actually rained today, for all of five minutes in the early evening. The rest of the time was fairly still and very pleasant - the kind of afternoon that makes walking such a pleasure. After a morning of feeling crushed by the emptiness of the situation, I chatted with two friends and began working on another document I want to publish before we managed out for exercise.

It was actually totally lovely. The birds are making an unconscionable racket just now, including the lot in the woodland who seemed to have discovered an echo and were making the most of it. We were watched carefully by several lambs, as we passed , and chased along in parallel by a gang of toddler-bulls in a field. 

I managed to fall asleep in front of the 10 o'clock news tonight, woke up and switched it off. I've had enough of the news, and certainly enough of the slogan-waving crowd, but the thing that takes the prize  for the most off-putting feature of news programmes is the growing tendency to sentimentalise the story of the Covid_19 pandemic. I read a piece in the Guardian talking about the Dianafication of the news, which sums it up succinctly. 

Blipping the lovely landscape with trees and cumulus.

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