By dreaming

Something forgotten

In keeping with with today's Tiny Tuesday theme, I looked through the drawer in my cabinet that is the home of all the odds and ends I don't currently use but have not gotten rid of.  I was pleasantly surprised to come across this little utensil made by my father.  It is a napkin holder, with the alligator clips designed to clamp onto the ends of a restaurant napkin to keep it covering the top of one's shirt.  This version, with the little pearls, is one of the ones he made to give to the ladies in my parents' circle of friends when they had all retired to Florida.  The ones for the men were far more utilitarian.  He enjoyed making little practical things for his friends; another was a hook that could hold a purse under a restaurant table.

The home health nurse was here today and agreed that next week will end my care program.  So I'll be on my own dealing with my recovery after that.  When the nurse was here, not only did Minkelina not leave the room, but she stayed calmly on her cushions the whole time and showed no anxiety at all!

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