Horse chestnut flower.

It was a chilly morning after the continuous rain yesterday.
As there was a break in the weather we set off for a walk early, to beat the forecast for more rain at lunchtime.
This time it was an urban walk of just over 3 miles.
The gardens had benefited from their soaking, and everything was dripping and damp.
Sure enough at lunchtime the rain began again.
I felt inordinately tired after we had eaten and fell asleep on the settee.
Afterwards I couldn’t find any motivation to start anything and watched a film instead!
Sometimes there are days like these.
I am now in my night clothes and dressing gown. It will be an earlier night for me.
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.....whatever passes for normal these days!
Thankful for a walk and friendly greetings as we all negotiate the niceties of social distancing by second guessing which of us moves to avoid the other.
Thankful for a warm home, food, and a beautiful garden.
Thankful for this late burst of sunshine slanting in through the patio window.
Thankful for the blackbird singing outside.
Thankful for books, and social media which keeps us all in touch with family and friends.
For our friend’s new grandson born into the world this afternoon, the same day as the new baby of Downing Street.

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