Chilly wet day. Indoors.

I had to put a walking jacket on over my dressing-gown at 6.00am to go up the garden and retrieve the memory card from the Trail camera. Lot of activity during the night, with the two hedgehogs coming at different times. I shall have to give them names.
After breakfast I had a conversation with my sister, as she had phoned me and left a message when I was in the shower. It always necessitates a coffee as it’s usually 30 minutes or so before the call ends.
This was followed by looking at a video in French, which was the history of France recounted as a journey through a virtual Musée. Each exhibit representing a different century from 23, 000 years ago and forwards.
So far I have answered around 40 questions, but have found it fascinating. It has taken me longer as I’ve kind of gone off-piste over several by looking at them in greater depth on the web. Like various Kings, Treaties, etc.
I was never interested in History at school but today’s modern methods make it come alive.
A good way to be absorbed on a wet day!
Our next Conversation session on Skype is Monday next week.
A friend phoned me in the middle of my task, not long after lunch. So a break was taken.
At present I am still up in the loft room and it is still raining outside.
In 35 minutes I have my once a week FaceTime catchup with my two friends, so will be packing up here soon.
Looking out, the Apple trees in the gardens are as lovely as I have ever seen them this year.
The extra was taken at lunchtime. Stephen is on a board meeting call on Zoom for a couple of hours at the moment.
He made chocolate and ginger muffins this morning! Yum!
He still cannot get self- raising flour, nor yeast. Hopefully he will have some before our present stock has disappeared.

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