On Some Days

By V1k1

A Time To Share

This a persimmon from my sister in laws, mother.  It was seeing her persimmons that gave me the idea to grow one of my own.  https://www.blipfoto.com/entry/2312874660926065942  Hers are ripening while the leaves are orange.  Mine are ripening with green leaves.  The forester had walked to town and called in on her for an at a distance chat.  She will be 90 next month so the distance was carefully kept.  She said pick a persimmon and leaf and take it home for Vicki to photograph.  She was going to have a birthday celebration next month but now that family can't travel it may just take the form of those family who live locally turning up on her front lawn and toasting her.    
Today I shared one of my persimmons with the neighbours below us.  We had coffee at the front door cafe -their front door and us sitting outside on a bench.  Andrew who is also the bee keeper is a very good baker.  He had made Florentines which were delicious.  We had a lovely chat in the autumn sunshine.   

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