On Some Days

By V1k1

Wide Wednesday . . . Trees

I live surrounded by trees and I'm glad about that because I like trees.  This is the access way to the walking tracks on the hill.  I see the poplars have lost most of their leaves.    Some people have problems with trees and our little street is no exception.  The big liquid amber tree on the left is magnificent but it does block some of the view for the big white house and the brick house in this photo.  Pam the little lady in blue planted the tree and she says 'if the tree goes, she goes.'   The tree was last shaped by the tree surgeon surgeon a couple of years ago so maybe it is due for another haircut.  Every morning she sweeps up the leaves.  She has Parkinson's and I noticed today she is thinner.  She had to go and have a sit down down after the sweeping.  The forester found her a sturdy walking stick and she does a walk around the street in the afternoon.   She is as sharp as a tack and I liked her smile to the young runner.  
Looking forward to seeing the spring growth from the northern hemisphere.  Thanks to David/Rock Area for hosting.    

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