More Trees and Wide Wednesday Results

One of the things I decided to do yesterday was to buy an e-bike. It's something I'd thought about before but had put off because of the cost. A budget e-bike is not going to work in the hilly environment of Devon hills, especially living on a valley side as I do. A bit of web searching, a couple of phone calls and my bike was delivered by a nice man yesterday evening on his way home from work.

In the situation we're now in, it seems an ideal solution. We can't use our cars, and walking doesn't get me far enough. A bike's also ideal because in narrow lanes where you can't stop a car, you can easily stop a bike.

A rainy day today but around mid morning it stopped and the sun came out. Helmet, hi-viz and I'm off, a little bit hesitantly at first (I haven't ridden much in the last 20 years) but I was soon into it and having fun. I was out for about half an hour and I arrived back home as the sky darkened and just a little before the rain started again. These tree's have been blipped before but they're looking fresh with their new leaves. I've also added an extra of the gate between the trees.

Wide Wednesday Results

Thanks all for your entries, there were a lot today. We normally get three pages but today there were four - excellent. My picks are again a bit random, they're the ones that appealed to me for one reason or another.

Today, my hearts go to:

winchwench looking up to a splendid chestnut

AnnieBelle for her Moreton Bay Fig 

Bobsblips it's good to be able to award a heart to Bob for a rather splendid and unusual tree

60Plus for some lovely blossom

ladypop for a lovely fresh green tree  

Honourable Mentions go to:

davidc for a very thoughtful tree  

Sheol Youngster, a young but vibrant tree

RobBris50 for some hauntingly misty trees 

Robin for some classy blossom 

Carolina for a slightlyabstract but colourful tree

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