Every Little Step

By moonfairy

A Good Day.

Mia wanted to come with me today, to drop Isabella off at Kindy.

She wasn't any problem, and it probably is a good idea for her to see where her sister goes.

When then went into Woolworth's to get some milk.  And then home.  

By this time the electrician had arrived to install our new cooker hob.  He's a nice man, we've used him several times before.

Whilst he was there, Mia and I went out for a walk.  We couldn't find anymore painted rocks.  So she picked dandelions instead.

Home to make cupcakes.

Whilst they were cooking, we did some craft.  The top picture is a crown, the bottom one, a chicken, with 4 eyes!!

Before lunch we sat and looked at some books, until Mia decided she wanted a big cuddle.  I was sitting on the floor, and she knocked me over. She thought this was great fun, and did it over and over again.

Eventually, I told her it was lunchtime, or it would've gone on forever.

She ate some lunch, and then fell asleep.

Isabella enjoyed the cupcakes when she came in.

After yesterday's heat of 33c, today was a bit of a shock at 18c this morning.  It did eventually warm up to 25c, but there was a cold wind.

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