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By Puffin

Blues this time

The destination of this afternoon's walk was the bluebell woods near us with an old ruined lime kiln. There's not much left but you can see the old oven. Noticed other blue flowers on the way so have made a collage.  The one on the left is an early purple orchid (thanks Knottman2) , it was exciting because I've not noticed it on this path in previous years, but then I've not walked it so frequently!! 

Hours of Zoom Tai Chi with my old chums in Tunbridge Wells . This is one of the benefits of lockdown and Zoom. I really miss the class there. Good to catch up with friends. 
Discovered I have a 300 minute monthly limit on calls my mobile phone that I have never exceeded before.  Last month's bill is horrendous. All these calls. Need to stick to video conference chats using the internet.

Zoom Family quiz, we won again, but nominated son R to host next week. Need to get the quiz down into the younger generation, I'm sure it will be more fun. 

Day 43
739 total deaths for Covid#19 up to 27,510 of which 1888 is Cumbria, Overall deaths is falling slowly

The new Government mantra is going to be Test, Track, Trace as they managed to test 122,347 people yesterday . Perhaps we all be tracked on our mobile phones like the TV programme Hunted. That means Mr P will have to turn his data on and the Government will have to give a phone to my Mum. 

Our friend Rosie Watson from Cumbria, stuck in Kosovo, makes the ITV news

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