By LincolnWarrior

Electric Storm

The weather has improved thankfully so after work this evening i was able to go for a walk in search of a blip. This was after getting changed and squeezing up into the loft area to put some things up there out of the way. 
I decided to take a walk along the riverbank as I've not been that way for about 10 days . Not to much about as it was rather grey and dull , I did get a few shots. I then spotted this very dramatic sky so grabbed a couple of shots of it behind the electricity pylon ( hence the title ). Looking like it was about to rain I decided to head back home , thankfully nothing arrived. Once home work clothing along with other items washed and now on the line ready for the early morning sunshine to get them dry.
A relaxing evening with a couple of beers to unwind and and start the weekend off nicely. Enjoy your weekend and stay safe and take care.

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