By LincolnWarrior

Larry the Lamb

A very busy morning at work with everyone getting things to do DIY over the weekend . Once finished it was home for a spot of lunch. 
This afternoon I had to go over to Metheringham to pick Julie up from her Dads. She persuaded me to drive the more scenic route home to see if we could find a blip. Result we did we spotted a field that was full of lovely sheep with lots of Lambs. They all came bounding over to us probably thinking we had food for them. I tried to capture them having fun jumping into the air this was the best I could do as they sure was fast and active . I have included an extra of 2 lovely black lambs play fighting. After a damp afternoon the sun has come out and fingers crossed the washing is drying on the line.
Film night tonight with a few beers not sure what we will watch as yet but i do know I will sink quite a few beers. No early start tomorrow (someone better tell Minstrel ). We will do the Tesco shop tomorrow and then an afternoon catch up with my Birding mates again 

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