One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Same old same old

Woke up. Logged on. Tackled the first few urgent emails. Downstairs for a cup of tea and pain au chocolat. Up to the office/drum kit room. Bought more PPE. Had a blueberries and raspberries smoothie delivered to my desk by the guys from
Kicked off the process to buy a PET CT scanner (that one is going to take a while). Emails. Mid morning tea break in the garden in the sun and reflected with Mrs Raheny on the passing away of her great auntie Chris who had kind of lost the will to live for the last year and had her wish granted by Covid-19 in her retirement home. More emails. More PPE. Lunch (homemade saag aloo). Zoom calls with guys who know shit loads about PET CT scanners and what they are meant to do. More emails. More PPE. Another zoom call about mops. With guys who know shit loads about mops and what they are meant to do (mop the floor around PT CT scanners and many many many other places). More emails.
Then switched off the remote access to my desktop in the Repair Factory. Switched off the phone. Banged the drums for half a minute to drown out the sound of the neighbour's tears (the home-schooling of the 8 and 5 year old seem to have no shortage of challenges and meltdowns). Packed the towel and swimming shorts. Nana mask and high vis vest on. On the bike. Zoom down to the end of the pier. Admired the light. Dive. Dive. Dive. Dive. Photographed the beautiful water from the steps. Dive. Dive. Took the long way back on the bike (cold toes in my sandals). Shite industrial pizza Chicago style that the kids love. Watched a few Dear Ireland monologues broadcast on the Abbey Theatre's YouTube channel. Jason Bourne with the little ones and Mrs Raheny. Blip of the day. Now one episode of Ozark and nighty night night. Bank holiday weekend, here I come! Within my five (5) km radius. 

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