One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Jean-Michel Jarred

As the end of the first half fast approached, Pepe thought the moment opportune to compose a little tune on his laptop in expectation of Barcelona's victory at home. 
Unfortunately for Finn, Pepe's instinct was right on that occasion. 

He was however compassionate enough not to make too much of a deal of Messi's far from messy nail in the coffin at the 82nd minute while his grandson was trying hard to fight back the tears. 

Still, this was only the first leg. As I put Finn to bed, I reminded him that a 4-nil victory at home on Tuesday would not be impossible. Unheard of perhaps, but not impossible. 

Perhaps I should encourage Finn to have a hard long chat with Mr Smith and Ottawacker before deciding if being a lifelong Liverpool supporter is an enviable option. 

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